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Happy, healthy students

When at dance class, performing or at feiseanna (competitions), Tara Academy expects the highest standard of behaviour, respect, work ethics and cooperation from students. We are an inclusive school where bullying, bad sportsmanship, harassment or discrimination from students or parents will not be tolerated.

Photography and Video

Photography and video is not permitted during classes or rehearsals unless taken by students or teachers. Photography and video is allowed at public displays and concerts. Individual organisers at each feis will have their own photography policy which must be adhered to.

Child Protection

Teachers and class helpers at Tara Academy hold a Working with Children Clearance (Ochre Card). We are committed to providing a safe environment for our children by ensuring that any visitors or volunteers also hold this clearance.

Duty of Care

Teachers at Tara Academy are responsible for the care of children within studio class hours, during school trips and performances. It is important that parents drop off/pick up their children on time to ensure their safety. 

First Aid

Vanessa Frew is an Enrolled Nurse and Christine Joyce has been trained in Senior First Aid. First Aid kits are available at all classes. Please ensure that the emergency contact details we collect during registration are current.

Australian Irish Dancing Association and the Irish Dancing Commission, Dublin

As Tara Academy is a registered school under the Irish Dancing Commission (CLRG), the Australian Irish Dancing Association (AIDA) and the South Australian/Northern Territory Irish Dancing Association (AIDA SA/NT) we operate under the rules and regulations of these bodies. Please visit www.clrg.ie for more information.

Thank you for understanding these policies and welcome to Tara Academy.